Friday, February 11, 2011

Nanny.s Creamed Potatoes

This very simple dish may have been served for supper at a quilting bee. It made use of leftover boiled potatoes and was one my grandmother and mother often made. My mother served it once when my in-laws visited, and my mother-in-law raved about it long afterward.


Boiled potatoes, diced
1 T flour
Whole milk or cream to cover potatoes
Onion, diced (optional)
Fresh parsley, chopped, or paprika


Dice leftover, cooked boiled potatoes. Place potatoes in iron skillet, called a .spider. by Nanny. (Any heavy frying pan or an electric skillet will do.) Add a dab of butter (home churned on Nanny.s farm); sprinkle 1 T flour over the potatoes. Pour in whole milk or cream to just cover potatoes. Add salt and pepper as desired. Cook slowly over medium heat until potatoes are warmed through and milk has thickened. Sometimes Mother diced an onion into the potatoes before cooking. In season, she chopped fresh parsley over the top or sprinkled with paprika. Some cooks like to stir in ¼ cup finely shredded cheese just before serving.

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