Saturday, February 12, 2011

La Crème Caramel

Have you ever tried to make your own Crème Caramel. It is so much nicer than the one you buy and so easy to do.

½ Litre of Milk
1/3 Vanilla Pod
3 Eggs
80 + 50 g Caster Sugar

Boil the milk with the vanilla pod; meanwhile beat the eggs with 80 g of sugar for one minute; and pour the hot milk on the eggs and sugar mixture.

In a sauce pan melt the 50 g of sugar and remove it from the heat when it has reached a blond colour. Pour in a Charlotte tin or any tin; hold the tin with a towel and move it so that the caramel coats the tin. Pour the milk-egg-sugar mixture over the caramel and put the tin in a bain-marie (adish of boiling water).

Bake it in oven 180 degrees for 30 minutes. With a knife check if the Crème is cooked; the blade must come out dry. Let the Crème cool and put it in the fridge until well set. Turn it over before serving it is….very very nice.

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